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Leather Bands: Proper Care

Since watch bands are in direct contact with the wrist, they are regularly exposed to conditions such as dirt and perspiration, both of which can be damaging without proper care. Leather bands in particular are prone to damage due to moisture saturation, and more so by the salts and acids contained within perspiration. Prolonged exposure to these conditions will likely cause damage.

Once a leather band is exposed to great amounts of moisture, it should be wiped thoroughly with a soft dry cloth as soon as possible. In order to prevent discolouration of the leather, it is best to avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, particularly when wet.

It is advisable to wear a leather band rather loosely on the wrist, especially during the hot summer season. Doing so will ensure high air permeability, and prevent or reduce moisture saturation.

If a band is worn too tight, a rash may also develop due to dampness between the leather and the skin.

To maintain a leather band, periodic cleaning with warm water is advised (the use of solvents, detergents, and/or other harsh chemicals should be avoided). Dirt and stains can be safely removed with the use of a mild soap and a soft brush. The band must then be dried thoroughly with a soft cloth to ensure that no moisture remains on the surface or within any gaps.